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White Glove Delivery

Did you know if you order furniture from any of the leading manufacturers, without White Glove Delivery, the truck will pull up to the curb at the address you provided – not a block east or west to the actual pool – but in front of your apartment building? They will then ask you to help them unload it to the curb. That’s right! They will drive off and leave you standing there with all those huge, heavy (umbrella bases can weigh hundreds of pounds), boxes of furniture, some of which may need assembly. Don’t let this be you!

Outdoor Furniture Solutions can meet the truck for you. We’ll unload the furniture and take it to your pools, patios, and courtyards. Our experienced team will then unbox, unwrap and assemble any pieces that need it and place them in predesignated areas. All your modular pieces will be ganged together and all throw pillows placed. We will remove the cardboard, plastic, and pallets and haul them away. Most jobs are completed within one day leaving you and your residents to enjoy your new outdoor seating areas. We can even install large cabanas, daybeds and pavilions!

If you have furniture coming from several different manufactures, we will receive the shipments at our warehouse and once all has arrived, we’ll deliver to your property. New construction has your install delayed and the furniture is on its way? No problem, we’ll receive it at our warehouse, store it and then deliver it on YOUR schedule.


“Outdoor Furniture Solutions is a perfect fit for me and my business. They are reliable, can seek out issues prior to installation, and not afraid to pick up the phone and call me when they for-see an issue or have a question. So many companies are more focused on the dollar value than doing a good job but OFS handles each project with such care and detail it makes my job so much easier. I’m sure everyone has there nightmare white glove stories to tell but I have never had one bad thing to say about Outdoor Furniture Solutions. In fact that are usually the ones bailing me out of a situation where another company screwed up. For refresh projects it’s important to have companies that have experience in re-slinging chaise’s or updating a powder coat to an old table and OFS can do it all. One stop shop. Thanks Outdoor Furniture Solutions for being so reliable. "

-Casey Sonke, KC and Company

” Our [Watkins Real Estate Advisors]outdoor furnishings business has received and delivered furniture, to over 100 high end nationally recognized commercial properties over the past 5 years. Outdoor Furniture Solutions is always meticulous; from receipt of the shipment to the delivery and seamless installation.

They are always given glowing reviews by very meticulous clients & have a zero % record of any damages. I highly recommend OFS for any of your projects. From the Braves stadium residential properties to Avalon and beyond, they can handle any project that you have. "

- Watkins Real Estate Advisors, Inc., Commercial Outdoor Furniture Specifiers, Roswell, GA