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Powder Coating Services

We are not the only game in town, nor the largest, but having a smaller operation allows us to spend more one on one time with our clients so we can better understand their needs. We have a state-of-the-art powder coat booth and oven. No piece is too big or too small. And unlike our larger competitors, we have no minimum.

We chemically clean all pieces to remove oils and dirt. If needed, we also have a sand blasting booth to remove old flaking and peeling finishes. We then electrostatically apply quality powder coat which is baked on for a beautiful, long lasting finish.

Why use Powder Coat vs Painting

  • Longer lasting and more durable for metal parts

  • More resistant to chipping, fading and wearing

  • Only requires a single coat making it fast and efficient

  • A remarkably even finish, as the powder melts and sets across the entire object at once.

Premium Powder Coating Services