REFRESH: Re-Sling, Re-Strap, and Repair

Sometimes all that old piece of furniture needs is a new sling or straps to make it look new again. With the quality of most commercial outdoor furniture, the frames will last for many, many years. However, the slings and straps do not. Don’t throw away good furniture that just needs a little TLC. If the manufacturer no longer makes replacement slings for your particular furniture, Outdoor Furniture Solutions can make them for you.

We come to you. We will re-sling and re-strap your furniture on site. No hassle on your part and most properties can be done in a day. There is no down time for your residents! We offer the following services:

  • Removal of the old straps/slings and wipe down of the furniture

  • Replacement of new slings (and end caps if needed)/or new straps and rivets

  • Haul away all the old slings/straps/end caps, etc.

  • Furniture and umbrella repair


REFURB: Powder Coating Service

So your furniture needs a little more than TLC? Outdoor Furniture Solutions has the answer. We have a state of the art powder coat booth and oven. No piece is too big. We remove all slings/straps and plastic pieces. Then we chemically clean all pieces to remove oils and dirt. If needed, we also have a sand blasting booth to remove flaking, peeling old finishes. Next we electrostatically apply quality powder coat which is then baked on for a beautiful, long lasting finish. Once we add the slings/straps, new feet and end caps, you’ll think your furniture just came off the show room floor!!

See our Premium Powder Coating page for other powder coat services Here


RENEW: New Sales

Sometimes in commercial environments, outdoor furniture can take a beating. And when it does, we’re there to help. Outdoor Furniture Solutions is a commercial dealer offering the top brands in high quality outdoor furniture and at the best prices!